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Years of Experience with Offshore Support & Commercial Vessels

Experienced and Professional Team with Strong Industry Backgrounds

Experience with world class brand names such as Wartsila, CAT, Rolls Royce & Others



Marine services we provide: 

  • Maintanance & overhual of marine main Engines
  • Maintanance & overhual of marine auxiliary Engines 
  • Maintanance & overhual of marine gearboxes 
  • Maintenance & repair of marine hydraulics components
  • Maintenance & repair of marine mechanical components
  • HVAC, Heating & Cooling system maintenance  & Repair 
  • Blasting & Painting of Vessel
  • Marine accomodation maintenance


Products for Marine Companies: 

  • Lubricants:
    • Maine Engine Oil 
    • Auxiliary Engine Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Turbine Oil
    • Compressor Oil
  • Chemicals
    • Cleaning Chemicals
    • Corrosion protection chemicals
    • Tank & Hold Cleaning
    • Fuel Oil Treatment
    • Water treatment
    • Sewage treatment  

We are on call 24/7 for business developments and customer service. Feel Free to contact us for Ship / Vessel visit and estimates.  

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